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Vapor intrusion regulations, guidance, and technology are constantly changing — and the costs of falling behind may be extremely high.
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  • Daily work on vapor intrusion sites  
  • In-house research on critical vapor intrusion issues  
  • Members of EPA expert work groups and training programs  

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Newsletter Archive

NOTE - The links included in our past newsletters were current at the time of the newsletter release. The links in the archived newsletters are not, however, maintained over time. The web links in the Links page of our website are maintained.

Newsletter October 2013
  • Helen Dawson joins Geosyntec
  • New York Department of Health Lowers Air Guideline Value for PCE
  • Alliance for Risk Assessment hosts Webinar on TCE Nov. 4
  • AWMA Vapor Intrusion Conference in Philadelphia Sept. 10-11, 2014
  • Louisiana DEQ issues draft VI Regulations for Public Comment
Newsletter January 2013
  • AEHS Conference in San Diego March 18-21
  • New Jersey updated Vapor Intrusion Guidance & Tables
  • EPA Issues paper on Evaluation of Petroleum VI Database
  • Draft Final EPA Vapor Intrusion Guidance circulated to Regions for review
  • Pennsylvania DEP draft Act 2 VI Technical Guidance Manual
  • EPA Regions issue differing policies on Short Term Risks from TCE
  • Geosyntec acquires EnviroGroup Limited
Newsletter September 2012
  • AWMA Vapor Intrusion Conference in Denver
  • 28th Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water, and Energy
  • Montana DEQ Issues Background Indoor Air Report
  • Final EPA Vapor Intrusion Guidance to be issued by November
  • California Water Board issues Low Threat Closure Policy
  • Risk Group Agrees to Industry Request to Review EPA's New TCE Policies
Newsletter July 2012
  • AEHS San Diego Conference Abstract Deadline July 13
  • IDEM issues new VI Guidance in Remediation Closure Guide
  • Michigan issues Draft VI Guidance for Public Comment
  • Illinois Pollution Control Board issues proposed revisions to TACO
  • California DTSC releases updated Active Soil Gas Advisory
  • AWMA Vapor Intrusion conference in Denver
  • Presentations from 2012 AEHS San Diego EPA VI Workshops
  • New Jersey Issues Changes to Requirements for Air Analysis
Newsletter April 2012
  • EPA Releases Final Health Assessment for PCE to IRIS
  • New Jersey Issues Updated Vapor Intrusion Guidance
  • Massachusetts issues Interim Final Vapor Intrusion Guidance
  • Montana Issues Vapor Intrusion Guidance
  • Colorado Releases Updated Indoor Air Screening Levels
  • Battelle Conference in Monterey, May 2012
  • Air & Waste Management Association Vapor Intrusion Conference
  • EPA issues Technical Documents in support of Final Vapor Intrusion Guidance
Newsletter December 2011
  • EPA Releases Final Health Assessment for TCE to IRIS
  • EPA releases draft toxicological review of 1,4-dioxane
  • EPA OUST Releases Petroleum Vapor Intrusion Document
  • Wisconsin Issues Vapor Intrusion Guidance
  • California DTSC Releases Two Revised Vapor Intrusion Guidance Documents
  • AEHS Conference in San Diego, March 2012
  • Symposium on Redevelopment of Manufactured Gas Plant Sites, Chicago, March 2012
  • ASTM Releases Standard Guide for Identifying and Complying with Continuing Obligations
  • EPA CLU-IN website updates vapor intrusion content
Newsletter August 2011
  • EPA Establishes New Non-Cancer Reference Level for TCE
  • ITRC Classroom VI Training
  • EPA Releases Background Indoor Air Technical Report
  • New Hampshire Issues Updated Vapor Intrusion Guidance
  • Virginia Developing Vapor Intrusion Guidance for Voluntary Remediation Program
  • Law Seminars International Vapor Intrusion Conference in New Jersey
Newsletter May 2011
  • Battelle Bioremediation Conference in Reno June 27-30, 2011
  • ITRC Classroom VI Training
  • EPA Vapor Intrusion Workshop Presentations Available from AEHS San Diego March, 2011
  • New Jersey issues draft revised Vapor Intrusion Guidance for review
  • Illinois revised TACO regulations nearing legislative approval
  • New book on Vapor Intrusion available from Nova Publishers
  • New EPA Vapor Intrusion website
Newsletter March 2011
  • US EPA Requests Public Input on Vapor Intrusion in NPL Site Listing
  • ITRC Classroom VI Training
  • EPA Vapor Intrusion Workshop at AEHS San Diego March 14-17, 2011
  • Massachusetts issues updated Draft Vapor Intrusion Guidance
  • Minnesota Vapor Intrusion Technical Support Document
  • AWMA Vapor Intrusion 2010 Conference Proceedings
  • New EPA Vapor Intrusion website
Newsletter September 2010
  • US EPA Issues Review of 2002 Draft VI Guidance
  • ITRC Classroom VI Training
  • AEHS Presentations Posted
  • ASTM issues Final VI Guidance for Real Estate Transactions
  • Kentucky Offers VI Training Seminar
  • AWMA Vapor Intrusion 2010 Conference
  • New EPA Vapor Intrusion website
Newsletter May 2010
  • Oregon Finalizes VI Guidance
  • ITRC Classroom VI Training
  • AEHS Presentations Posted
  • Battelle Conference
  • AIHce 2010
  • AWMA Vapor Intrusion 2010 Conference
Newsletter February 2010
  • EPA IG Issues VI Report
  • Maine Issues VI Guidance
  • AEHS West Coast Conference
  • ITRC Classroom VI Training
  • API Releases Bio Vapor Software
  • ASTSWMO Petroleum Vapor Intrusion Status Report
  • Gannett Fleming VI Course
  • AWMA Vapor Intrusion 2010 Conference
Newsletter December 2009
  • EPA Toxicology Review of TCE
  • Washington DEC Releases Draft VI Guidance
  • Oregon Releases Draft VI Guidance
  • North Carolina Issues Guidelines for Evaluation of VI
  • Postal Service Issues VI Guidance
  • AEHS West Coast Conference
  • ITRC Classroom VI Training Course
  • EnviroGroup Provides Technical Support for Cupolex® Aerated Floor Systems
Newsletter September 2009
  • Hawaii Issues VI Sampling Guidance
  • New Jersey Modifies Sampling Requirements
  • UMASS Conference
  • Monterey Conference
  • Canadian Soil Vapor Monitoring Guidance Released
  • Jim Cowart Joins EnviroGroup
Newsletter May 2009
  • ITRC Classroom VI Training Course
  • California VI Mitigation Advisory
  • DOD VI Handbook
  • California VI Workshops
  • Massachusetts VI Blog
  • EPA Withdraws TCE Guidance Memo
  • Aerated Floor System on ABC's Extreme Home Makeover
  • National Forum on Vapor Intrusion
Newsletter March 2009
  • ITRC Classroom VI Training Course
  • New Vapor Intrusion Guidance and Resources Website
  • Vapor Intrusion Tele Seminar
  • Bill Morris of KDHE Joins EnviroGroup
  • Massachusetts Typical Indoor Air Concentrations
  • Presentations from EPA National Forum on Vapor Intrusion Now Available
  • EPA Issues Inhalation Risk Assessment Guidance
  • New York Disclosure Law
Newsletter December 2008
  • EPA National Forum on Vapor Intrusion: Science, Technology and Policy
  • AWMA VI Conference
  • Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Approaches Document
  • ASTM VI Training Course Offerings
  • Society for Risk Analysis
  • NEWMOA Papers
  • American Industrial Hygiene Association Annual Conference
  • West Coast Conference on Soils, Sediments, and Water
  • VI Mitigation Engineer Positions
Newsletter September 2008
  • ITRC VI Classroom Training
  • NEWMOA VI Workshop
  • New York Passes Law Requiring VI Notification
  • Minnesota VI Guidance
  • AWMA Vapor Intrusion Specialty Conference
  • Using Tree Cores to Assess Distribution of Subsurface Volatile Organics
  • CERTI Radon Radio Theater Program
Newsletter July 2008
  • EPA Releases Toxicological Review of PCE
  • New ASTM Soil Gas Sampling Standard in Development
  • EPA Vapor Intrusion Primer for Brownfields
  • San Francisco Regional WQ Board Revises Screening Levels
  • EPA Urban Air Toxics Monitoring Program Data
  • ITRC Classroom VI Training
  • ITRC Web Based Training
Newsletter March 2008 (Special Edition)
  • EPA Announces Completion of a Draft Paper Summarizing Its Vapor Intrusion Database
Newsletter February 2008 (Special Edition)
  • ASTM Issues Standard for Vapor Intrusion Assessment
Newsletter February 2008
  • AEHS West Coast Conference
  • EPA National Stakeholders Forum on Vapor Intrusion
  • Colorado Petroleum Hydrocarbon VI Guidance Document
  • AFCEE Technology Transfer Workshop
  • Battelle Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds
  • American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo
  • Annual National Tanks Conference and Expo
  • California Brownfields Bill
  • New ASTM Vapor Intrusion Standard (E2600)
Newsletter July 2007
  • AWMA Vapor Intrusion Conference
  • Kansas Vapor Intrusion Guidance
  • New Jersey Low Level TO-15 Method Developed
  • California Bar Association Roundtables
  • New Jersey VI Screening Levels Updated
  • Illinois VI Guidance In Development
  • EPA Announces Consideration of an Approach to Updating Its VI Guidance
  • National Groundwater Association VI Course
  • EnviroGroup Limited Upgrades Vapor Intrusion Links Page
Newsletter April 2007
  • Delaware Vapor Intrusion Policy
  • ITRC Training Class
  • AWMA Vapor Intrusion Conference
  • California Bar Association Roundtables
  • Wisconsin Vapor Intrusion Seminar
  • External Peer Review of 1,1,1-TCA Toxicology
  • IMA University VI Presentations Available
  • EPA Soil Gas Sampling Workshop Presentations Available
Newsletter February 2007
  • ITRC Guidance Documents and Seminar
  • New York Final Vapor Intrusion Guidance
  • New York Strategy for Evaluating Soil Vapor Intrusion
  • U.S. Army Interim Vapor Intrusion Guidance
  • California Governor Vetoes Vapor Intrusion Bill
  • Vapor Intrusion Update
  • AEHS Conference in San Diego
Newsletter September 2006
  • NRC Review of TCE
  • Vapor Intrusion Specialty Conference Presentations
  • New Hampshire Finalizes Its Vapor Intrusion Guidance
  • Indiana Draft Vapor Intrusion Pilot Program
  • California Has Updated its Schoolscreen Guidance
  • AWMA Web Vapor Intrusion Seminar
  • API Vapor Intrusion Website
  • AWMA Call For Papers
Newsletter June 2006
  • Colorado Releases Draft Policy on PCE
  • Indiana Releases Draft Slope Factor for TCE
  • EPA Publishes Results of Vapor Intrusion Sampling Near Raymark Superfund Site
  • New Jersey DEP VI Seminar at Rutgers University
  • California Proposed VI Legislation
  • Midwestern States Risk Assessment Symposium
  • VI at the EPA RCRA National Corrective Action Conference
  • AWMA Specialty Conference
  • LUSTLine Article on Vapor Attenuation
Newsletter March 2006
  • West Coast Conference on Soils, Sediments, and Water
  • Conference on Contaminated Property Transactions
  • New England Vapor Intrusion Workshop
  • Albany Vapor Intrusion Workshop
  • Midwestern States Risk Assessment Symposium
  • ITRC State Survey
  • AWMA Conference Papers
  • Vapor Intrusion Job Openings
Newsletter November 2005
  • New Jersey Finalizes its Vapor Intrusion Guidance
  • New Jersey Guidance Training Session
  • AWMA Specialty Conference and Course
  • API Soil Gas Sampling Publication
  • Vapor Intrusion Workshop at AEHS Annual West Coast Conference
  • EPA Report on Uncertainty of Johnson-Ettinger Model Calculations
  • EPA Review of Recent Research on Vapor Intrusion
  • EnviroGroup Website Links
Newsletter September 2005
  • Ohio Vapor Intrusion Guidance
  • Johnson and Ettinger Model Spreadsheet Update
  • Vapor Intrusion Workshop
  • Brownfields 2005
  • Contaminated Property Transaction Symposium
  • Amherst Annual Conference
  • Air and Waste Management Association VI Conference
  • Senator Hilary Clinton Concerned About TCE
Newsletter June 2005
  • New Jersey Draft Vapor Intrusion Guidance
  • Minnesota Vapor Intrusion Assessment Guidance
  • New Hampshire Draft Vapor Intrusion Guidance
  • RTI Website
  • EPRI VI Reference Handbook
  • STL Seminar
  • EnviroGroup Website Links Now Listed by both State and Topic
Newsletter March 2005
  • New York State Department of Health Draft Vapor Intrusion Guidance Released
  • Severn Trent Laboratories Vapor Intrusion Seminar Presentations
  • New York State Assembly Hearing on Vapor Intrusion
  • San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board Updated Environmental Screening Levels
Newsletter February 2005
  • New York DEC Establishes Policy for Evaluating Vapor Intrusion
  • California DTSC Issues Vapor Intrusion Guidance
  • California EPA Issues Screening Levels
  • TCE Fact Sheet
  • New York Brownfields Web Site
  • EPA Vapor Intrusion Workshop
  • STL Vapor Intrusion Seminars
Newsletter November 2004
  • Colorado Issues Draft Indoor Air Guidance
  • San Diego County adds Naphthalene to Vapor Risk 2000
  • Colorado Finalizes New TCE Action Levels
  • Oregon Screening Model for Heating Oil Sites
  • Information Source on Household Products
  • EPA Issues Final Report on the Neurotoxicity of PCE
  • The Importance of Background Evaluations
Newsletter July 2004
  • OSHA versus Health-Based Action Levels
  • Occupational Settings - RCRA EI Guidance
  • New EPA Version of JE Model Available
  • Error Found in Superfund Version of JE Model
  • EPA Workshop on Modeling Vapor Attenuation
  • California Specific Johnson and Ettinger Model
  • Colorado Proposes New TCE Levels
  • List of Indoor Air Testing Laboratories
Newsletter March 2004
  • EPA Vapor Intrusion Attenuation Workshop
  • TCE Health Effects
  • IRIS Updates - 2004 Agenda
  • ITRC Background Document - Vapor Intrusion Issues at Brownfield Sites
  • ITRC Vapor Intrusion Team
  • AWMA Vapor Intrusion Session
  • Midwestern States Risk Assessment Symposium
  • EPA Seminar on Vapor Intrusion Now Available on CD Rom
Newsletter December 2003
  • Jury returns verdict on Redfield Class Action
  • AEHS Vapor Intrusion Workshop
  • Massachusetts DEP Presentation on Revisions to MCP GW-2 Groundwater Standards
  • Wisconsin Vapor Intrusion Fact Sheet
  • California Draft Schools Risk Screening Guidance
  • California DTSC Developing Vapor Intrusion Guidance
  • Louisiana Issues Remediation Guidance
  • AWMA Conference Will Include Vapor Intrusion Session
Newsletter September 2003
  • Free Indoor Air Unit Conversion Tool
  • New San Francisco Bay WQCB
  • California Vapor Intrusion Symposium
  • New Hampshire Vapor Intrusion Screening Levels
  • Indoor Air Analytical Laboratories
  • Hand Held Screening Instrument
  • Ambient Air Levels of Volatile Organics
  • EnviroGroup Seattle Office
Newsletter July, 2003
  • What Is The Toxicity of PCE?
  • EPA Johnson and Ettinger Model Website Has Been Updated
  • Michigan DEQ’s Approach to Vapor Intrusion
  • Pennsylvania Vapor Intrusion Draft Guidance
  • Proposed Changes to Connecticut Volatilization Criteria
  • GRA Vapor Intrusion Symposium
  • RCRA National Meeting
  • EnviroGroup Boston Office
Newsletter May, 2003
  • Suggestions for Newsletter Topics
  • EPA Vapor Intrusion Guidance Comments
  • EPA Request for Vapor Intrusion Site Data
  • New Jersey Releases Guidance Document
  • Wisconsin Releases Guidance Document
  • Pennsylvania Draft Guidance
  • Alaska Tech Memo on Diesel Vapors
  • RCRA National Meeting
Newsletter February, 2003
  • Comments on EPA Subsurface VI Guidance due February 27, 2003
  • EPA training seminars on draft Subsurface VI Guidance
  • Johnson & Ettinger Model status
  • New indoor air testing procedure expected soon
  • New subslab vapor testing procedure
  • EI Determinations can rely on JE model
  • Vapor Intrusion regulation in California
  • What's New? DTSC 1/28/03 guidance on soil gas investigations
Newsletter December, 2002
  • EPA Issues Vapor
  • EPA Guidance Training Seminars
  • Status of 1,1-DCE Action Level
  • Status of TCE Action Level
  • New Research on Background VOC Concentrations
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