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March 2009
Vapor Intrusion Newsletter
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ITRC Classroom VI Training Course

The Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council will be offering its two day course, Vapor Intrusion Pathway: A Practical Guideline, in Oklahoma City, OK on April 6-7, 2009. The training is based on ITRC's national VI pathway guidance and is led by internationally recognized experts. According to ITRC, this classroom training will enable you to learn the latest strategies to conduct site screening and investigations, determine what tools are appropriate to collect quality data and evaluate the results, apply multiple lines of evidence to ensure quality decision- making, build solutions for VI issues through understanding of mitigation options, network with environmental professionals, and learn about new VI developments from US EPA. Instructors include Dave Folkes of EnviroGroup. More information on the course is found at:

New Vapor Intrusion Guidance and Resources Website

Under contract to EPA, EnviroGroup Limited has established a new vapor intrusion website to assist EPA with the development and dissemination of vapor intrusion guidance. The EPA 2002 guidance, more recent EPA vapor intrusion technical documents, EPA conference and workshop presentations, and other vapor intrusion resources may be found at:

Vapor Intrusion Tele Seminar

The firm of Spencer, Fane, Britt, and Browne LLP is holding a Teleseminar on vapor intrusion on April 8, 2009, 12:00-1:00 PM CT. VI screening using the recent ASTM standard for evaluating vapor intrusion during real estate transactions (E-2600-08) and alternative mitigation techniques will be discussed. Presenters will include Anthony Buonicore, Chairman and CEO of the Buonicore Group and Chair of the ASTM Task Group that developed the standard, and Dave Folkes, President of EnviroGroup and also a member of the Task Group. More information on the Teleseminar can be found at:

Bill Morris of KDHE Joins EnviroGroup

We are pleased to announce that Bill Morris, formerly of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, will be joining EnviroGroup Limited on April 3, 2009. Bill was co-leader of the ITRC Vapor Intrusion team, which developed national VI guidance, and is currently one of the ITRC VI class room instructors. He has also served as the KDHE expert on vapor intrusion for eight years. Read more about Bill at:

Massachusetts Typical Indoor Air Concentrations

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has issued an updated document containing chemical concentrations which may typically be present in indoor residential air due to building materials, household products, and ambient air. The document can be found at:

Presentations from EPA National Forum on Vapor Intrusion Now Available

The papers and posters presented at the EPA National Forum on Vapor Intrusion hosted by Region 3 and held in Philadelphia, PA on Jan. 12 and 13, 2009 are now available on the EnviroGroup VI website (operated under contract with EPA). The presentations and other EPA guidance and conference documents may be found at:

EPA Issues Inhalation Risk Assessment Guidance

On January 28, 2009 EPA issued the Supplemental Guidance for Inhalation Risk Assessment as Part F of Volume 1 of the Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund, Human Health Evaluation Manual. This document updates EPA's approach for determining risk from inhaled chemicals to the inhalation dosimetry methodology. This guidance document can be found at:

New York Disclosure Law

The New York law which requires owners of property, who receive test results (indoor air, subslab air, ambient air, groundwater, or soil) that exceed indoor air guidelines, to notify of the test results and also to distribute a fact sheet went into effect December 3, 2008. Owners of property which has engineering controls in place to mitigate indoor air contamination are also required to provide a fact sheet to prospective renters before leasing the property. The text of the law can be found at:

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