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July 2007
Vapor Intrusion Newsletter
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AWMA Vapor Intrusion Conference

The Air and Waste Management Association will hold its third vapor intrusion conference, Vapor Intrusion - Learning From the Challenges, September 26-28, in Providence, RI. Sessions will include Regulatory Research & Policy, Advancements in Sampling & Analysis, Advancements in VI Modeling, Addressing Variability in VI Investigations, and Applications and Case Studies. Dave Folkes of EnviroGroup will be chairing the latter session, and presenting a paper on the lateral extent of vapor intrusion impacts beyond groundwater plumes. Preliminary information on the conference can be found at:

Kansas Vapor Intrusion Guidance

In June the Bureau of Environmental Remediation of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment issued a vapor intrusion guidance document covering chemical vapor intrusion and indoor residential air. The document covers sampling, modeling, and screening procedures and can be found at:

Indoor air screening levels are found in Appendix A-2 of the document " Risk Based Standards for Kansas" which is located at:

New Jersey Low Level TO-15 Method Developed

New Jersey DEP has developed a low level USEPA TO-15 method of analysis for air. The method will be implemented in New Jersey's remediation program later this summer. The method can be found at:

New Jersey VI Screening Levels Updated

Due to routine updates to the screening level tables, the New Jersey DEP recommends that users refer to the NJDEP Vapor Intrusion web site for updates to the screening level tables in its vapor intrusion guidance. As of the date of this newsletter, the tables were last updated on March 28, 2007, adding 1,2 dichloroethene (cis) and elemental mercury to the tables. The updated tables can be found at:

Illinois VI Guidance In Development

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Division of Remediation Management, has drafted a 56 page "Guidance for Evaluating the Indoor Inhalation Exposure Route Using TACO Principles". The agency has also drafted rules to amend its TACO procedures. The documents are currently under review by the Site Remediation Advisory Committee. The agency plans to present the proposed rule changes to the Illinois Pollution Control Board later this year. These documents are not yet electronically available but the agency will mail out copies upon request. Evaluation of the indoor inhalation pathway is not required until the rules are adopted. The Bureau of Remediation Management can be reached at (217) 785-9407.

EPA Announces Consideration of an Approach to Updating Its VI Guidance

USEPA has recently announced (at the Regional Risk Assessor's Conference) that it is considering relying on the ITRC vapor intrusion guidance document as a framework for updates to its 2002 draft guidance. The ITRC guidance is titled "Vapor Intrusion Pathway: A Practical Guideline" and includes chapters on: 1) An overview of vapor intrusion, 2) Preliminary screening of sites, 3) Site investigation, and 4) Mitigation. The guidance appendices include checklists for conceptual site models and reviewing soil gas data, a discussion of building types, a toolbox of investigative methods, quality assurance considerations, guidance for development of screening levels, an indoor air survey form, and a discussion of community stakeholder concerns. An extensive reference list is also included.

ITRC is currently offering free internet training sessions on its guidance; the next session is scheduled for September 18, 2007 from 2:00 to 4:15 PM Eastern Time. Registration information is available at:

National Groundwater Association VI Course

The National Groundwater Association is holding a course, A Practical Approach for Assessing Upward Vapor Intrusion Risk, on December 3, 2007 in Orlando, FL. Registration information can be found at:

EnviroGroup Limited Upgrades Vapor Intrusion Links Page

EnviroGroup is pleased to announce that it has upgraded its vapor intrusion links page. To find links to vapor intrusion and related guidance in any state (if available), simply click on the state on the map displayed at:

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