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January 2013
Vapor Intrusion Newsletter
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AEHS Conference in San Diego March 18-21

The 23rd Annual AEHS Soil, Water, Energy and Air meeting will take place March 18-21 in San Diego. This meeting will include a full day EPA Workshop on "Looking Beyond Natural Variation in Vapor Intrusion: Understanding, Controlling, and Addressing Site Variables for Improved Practices and Implementation of Guidance". The meeting also includes an evening workshop on "Recent Developments in the Evaluation of the Vapor Intrusion at Petroleum Release Sites" and several vapor intrusion sessions. Information is available at:

New Jersey updated Vapor Intrusion Guidance & Tables

NJDEP released the latest version of the Vapor Intrusion Technical Guidance on 16 January 2013. New screening levels have been established for compounds including naphthalene and 2-methylnaphthalene. The new documents on the NJDEP VITG web page include an internal memo summarizing changes in the VITG and a summary table comparing the old and new screening levels. Information can be found at:

EPA Issues paper on Evaluation of Petroleum VI Database

EPA Office of Underground Storage Tanks recently issued a report entitled "Evaluation of Empirical Data to Support Soil Vapor Intrusion Screening Criteria for Petroleum Hydrocarbon Compounds". This paper uses the "clean soil" and "vertical distance" methods to derive recommended vertical exclusion distances for PVI evaluation. The document is available on the EPA OUST website at:

Draft Final EPA Vapor Intrusion Guidance circulated to Regions for review

In mid November EPA circulated a draft of the Final Subsurface Vapor Intrusion Guidance to regions for review. Aspects of the new Guidance will be discussed at the AEHS meeting in San Diego this March. A copy of the draft guidance may be available from Inside EPA.

Pennsylvania DEP draft Act 2 VI Technical Guidance Manual

In January, the Pennsylvania DEP circulated draft language for the ACT 2 VI Technical Guidance. This draft guidance applies to properties evaluated under the Statewide Health Standards for the Land Recycling Program. The draft recommendations rely heavily on use of sub-slab sampling for evaluation of inhabited buildings.

EPA Regions issue differing policies on Short Term Risks from TCE

An Inside EPA article, posted January 4, 2013, indicates that EPA Region X and IX have developed different approaches to the short term risks posed by TCE and considerations of cardiac birth defects. Region X proposes the use of 2.0 ug/m3 as a residential "not to be exceeded concentration, as averaged over any 21 day period of time" when women of reproductive age are present. In comparison, Region IX has a proposed removal action level of 15 ug/m3 for a single daily maximum concentration. The full text of this article is available from Inside EPA

Geosyntec acquires EnviroGroup Limited

On October 1, 2012, Geosyntec COnsultants acquired EnviroGroup Limited. Effective October 1, the firm will operate as EnviroGroup, a Geosyntec Company. More information can be found at:

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